Aug 05

3 Keys to Success for your Auto Repair Shop

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

The road to success for automotive repair shop owners

We speak to clients every day about how their automotive repair shop is doing and we realized a major trend after speaking to so many automotive professionals. Everyone we speak to usually has the same qualities. They are hardworking, have a lot of energy, love what they do and are very positive thinkers.

Yet, even though 99% of shop owners have these qualities, some tend to be more successful than others.  We decided to figure out why this was happening and realized that the more successful shop owners usually planned out their business from the beginning what they needed to accomplish and how they wanted to do it.

The 3 key things you need to do in order to be a successful automotive repair shop owner are as follows:

1 Expectation

Write down your goals

From the beginning, you need to write down what you expect to accomplish from your business. You have to be very descriptive with this step. Write down how much money you want to make, how much free time you want to have, how many bays you want your repair shop to have, how many employees you want to have. Write every little thing down on paper to the point where you can see the shop in your mind down to every nook and cranny. But you have to write it down; otherwise if you don’t write it down you will forget about your vision and goals. Post those visions and goals somewhere in front of you where you will be able to see it on a daily basis and so they can stay fresh in your mind.

2 Strategize

Write down your strategies

Once you have those visions and goals written down, you need to come up with a strategy in order to accomplish that vision. So for example, if you want to make $100,000 a year in profit, then you need to figure out how many cars you need to fix on a daily basis, you need to figure out how many employees you need to have, and how many bays you need. And that is why writing these goals and vision is so important. Because once you see that vision, your mind will start working on how that vision can be accomplished. That is how business owners tend to think, a problem, vision or goal arises and we want to fix it right away.

This step is easier than you think, but you have to follow these steps. Try it out, write down a goal and your mind will start thinking of new ways how it can accomplish that goal.

3 Execute the plan

Execute the plan

Once the vision and goals have been written down and the strategies have been developed, you need to execute your plan. As most people say it “Go hard or go home”. You need commit to that plan 100% and watch it succeed. Of course, success is never a straight road, but you need to be adapting to the changes that you need to make in the strategies but have your vision in mind always.

This is it everyone, the three steps that you need in order to be successful. Think about you what you expect from your business, think about the strategies for that vision, and execute that plan by working HARD on accomplishing that goal.

Do you have any other tips to have a successful automotive repair shop? Please share below. 

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  1. Jerry Dulgar

    A lot of good luck

  2. Nicole stanley

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Clarify, simplify, maximize, and multiply to reach maximum efficiency with your strategic planning.

  3. Allen Bowman

    My goal is to set goals into writing. I have just seemingly wondered for to many years as the days click by. At 48 years old now, I hope it is not too late.

  4. keith george

    I would like to start a shop in the next five years and work my current job.Is it manageable.

  5. Honey Wyne

    It is important to check your vehicle’s performance and condition often and if you find anything wrong, you immediately need to check it with any auto repair service. But many of us are not ready to do this, most of them will try to solve the issue by themselves, by getting any knowledge from internet or from any other source. Sometimes it may work, but in most cases it fails. It’s better to get the help from any reputed auto repair service. I often check with Apex Automotive service in Edmonton and they will help to solve the issue fast.

  6. Ryan

    This is great information. Thank you! I’ve recently taken the plunge and opened my own shop. Now we’re just looking for ways to grow. http://rdipower.com

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