Jun 26

Another Awesome Way to Market your Automotive Repair Shop Website!

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So doing a bit of research I found another great company where you will be able to market your automotive repair shop website. It is called MechanicAdvisor.com. They have been around for a couple of years now and they are a company where you can basically create a FREE listing for your repair shop. Think about it as the “YELP” of the automotive repair shop industry.

All you have to do is sign up to the website and create a FREE listing, it doesn’t get any better than that. They also have featured listings that you can place so if anyone is looking for an repair shop in your area, then your information will come up first. This is also great because you can stand out a bit more and get more traffic to your website. The great thing about it is that these listings are not that expensive either. They are only $47 a month. However, since I don’t like paying full price for things…ever, I decided to give them a call and work out a deal with them and get you guys a coupon code where you can save some money. In the signup form make sure you put coupon code JMCAUTO like this:

mechanic advisor

Give us a call if you have any questions about this Mechanic Advisor at 877-298-7730

Here is a bit more information about Mechanic Advisor:


MechanicAdvisor.com Product Overview:


Founded in 2006, MechanicAdvisor.com is the Internet’s leading online resource for people looking to repair their vehicle in the United States. The mission of Mechanic Advisor is to quickly and easily connect consumer with the right facility for their repair needs. The sites directory offers consumers a wide range of local services including; auto repair, auto body repair, motorcycle repair, truck repair, RV repair, boat repair, fabrication and restoration, sound and electrical installations, glass repair, detailing and car washes and other specialty needs.

Mechanic Advisor prides itself in having one of the largest and most qualified repair directories on the internet. Mechanic Advisor will only consider opportunities that provide considerable value to the visitors of the website and that are of the highest quality standards. Opportunities that do not add value to the website will not be considered, regardless of the monetary value.


MechanicAdvisor.com continues to see significant growth, more than doubling its organic traffic in the past 8 months. The reason for this significant growth has been the continued success of Search Engine traffic, which has grown due to the quality of our content.

mechanic advisor1

Having such heavy traffic from Search Engines has given us the most qualified traffic possible. The people that visit our website are specifically looking for a mechanic in a Search Engine and are being led to us as a resource. Our advertisers have reported higher than normal conversions on our site due to this traffic.

mechanic advisor2
Search Engine Traffic

mechanic advisor4Featured Listing

Mechanic Advisor provides a unique advertising opportunity for local auto repair shops to reach local customers via featured listing advertising. Featured listed businesses receive top search results within a 35 mile radius of their business. This gives local businesses the opportunity to target visitors specifically looking for a repair type in their local market. On average, our local advertisers see 2 to 4 new customers per-month.
Local Featured Listing Results Page Example:
Local Featured Listing Shop Page Example:

mechanic advisor5


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