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Feb 17

5 Books Every Shop Owner Must Read

“The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read.” – Abraham Lincoln Hello everyone, I just came across this great post from our friends over at Ratchet+Wrench. It talks about the best 5 books that every shop owner or manager must …

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Aug 28

How to Find and Keep Good Technicians for your Auto Repair Shop

Offer Above Compensation Plans

Last week we talked about how to create effective technicians for your shop, and most people seem to agree with what we spoke about. However, there is probably one important factor that we forgot to mention and that is how much a tech should be paid in order for both parties to have a healthy …

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Aug 05

3 Keys to Success for your Auto Repair Shop

The road to success for automotive repair shop owners

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill We speak to clients every day about how their automotive repair shop is doing and we realized a major trend after speaking to so many automotive professionals. Everyone we speak to usually has the same qualities. They are hardworking, have a lot of …

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Mar 19

10 Reasons why leasing or finance is better than a bank

10 Reasons why leasing or finance is better than a bank So you are looking for equipment Financing or Leasing, and you have two choices, your neighborhood bank and JMC Equipment’s Finance Team. So let’s go over the reasons why the JMC Equipment Finance team is a better choice. Reason 1: Simplicity JMC Equipment has …

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Mar 17

Should You Use a Live Chat Feature for your Auto Repair Shop Website?

It is one thing getting your clients to the door; it is another thing making them stay. Have you ever wondered how you can engage every person that visits your website? Now, with the use of a Live Chat Feature you can engage every person that visits your website very easily. All you have to …

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Mar 17

What kind of business are you in?

When asked that question what do you usually say? Most business owners will always say that they are in the business that they are in and that’s it. So if its auto repair, you are in the business of fixing cars, if its real estate, you are in the business of selling homes, if it’s …

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