Jan 17

Don’t Neglect Your Car’s Undercarriage Maintenance Needs

Vehicle undercarriages take quite a beating from less-than-ideal road conditions. It’s quite remarkable, then, it gets less attention maintenance-wise compared to the rest of the vehicle. Undercarriages have numerous important parts like front and rear axles, the muffler, brake lines, exhaust, and transmission system. They all reside underneath the car, and taking care of them is as equally important as maintaining engine performance, driver controls, etc. Be sure to check and clean it from dirt, mud, rocks, ice, salt, and other debris.JMC Equipment says that to keep your vehicle running in peak condition longer, understanding how various road elements affect undercarriage parts and why your car needs periodic cleaning as much as your car’s exterior does, is crucial. It Keeps Parts from Rusting Driving over rough roads causes rocks and gravel to batter your undercarriage surface, chipping the coating and exposing the metal to rust formation. Cleaning and auto detailing restores th

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