Feb 13

JMC February’s Monthly Winner (Where is he/her?)

Hello everyone,

We have been emailing a couple of the winners of the JMC Monthly Giveaway but no one has responded yet!!! I can’t believe it…lol, but it may seem that some of the emails that we have sent, may have been sent straight to your spam section. Please add our email addresses to your email contacts so when we email you letting you know you are the winner, you can respond to us immediately and we can send you your prize. The email addresses that they could be coming from are from Laura Zapata, and her email addresses are LZapata@JMCAutomotiveEquipment.com and Info@JMCAutomotiveEquipment.com.

Please add those two email addresses to your contact list that way if we choose you as the JMC Monthly Winner you can receive the email and contact us immediately.

Check out JMC’s past monthly winners!!!

Check out February's Monthly Prize

Check out February’s Monthly Prize

Sign up to JMC's monthly raffle here

Sign up to JMC’s monthly raffle here


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