Jul 26

Ranger QuickJack featured in Two Guys Garage


Ranger has launched a new product called Quickjack BL-3500 and this thing is awesome. The lifting capacity is anywhere from 3500 to 5000 depending on which lift you have and it has super low profile, ONLY 3 INCHES! All you have to do is slide the jacks between the rear and front wheels and set it up that way. It comes with blocks to cushion the frame and everything is quick connect so setup is extremely easy and lightweight. It comes in the standard 110 volt or you can have the optional DC powered. You can find it in our website at Ranger BL-3500 Quickjack. Call us at 877-298-7730 if you have any questions.Ranger BL-3500 QuickJack 3,500 Lbs Capacity



It is called the Ranger Quickjack BL-3500 and you can find it at Ranger Quickjack BL-3500 in JMC Equipment 

Show for the Ranger Quickjack BL-3500


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