May 01

Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander

Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander Check out this awesome product! It is the Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander. It is a great addition to any auto body shop out there because it helps you cut the time when sanding cars. This item will conform to any surface, even the most irregular shape cars. Check out the video below!

They were the winners of the SEMA SHOW New product Showcase last year, and this helped them launch to become a extremely successful and popular company. Of course, once we heard about this we rushed to their booth to meet them and found out that they are a small family owned company and of course, being a family business ourselves, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

Check us out here together at the SEMA SHOW 2013

jmc and shelwes together

Check out the Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander at the link below

Order the Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander



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