Nov 18

Wheel Balancing: It’s Not Just an Upsell, It’s a Need | JMC Equipment

Wheel Balancing: It’s Not Just an Upsell, It’s a NeedDoes your steering wheel shake whenever you hit a certain high speed? Does it make your seat or floorboard vibrate as well? Does it feel like your car is bouncier than normal even when you’re cruising along a smooth, concrete road? If you’ve experienced any of these, there’s a good chance that your wheels are out of balance.What is wheel balance?Wheel balance refers to the distribution of the vehicle weight throughout the wheel. Wheels and tires have standard constructions but once joined, they often create an imbalance. This causes the uncomfortable vibration you’ve been feeling while driving or riding in the passenger seat. Technicians clip tiny metal weights on strategic locations along the wheel’s rim to restore balance.Why do you need it?It’s important to have your wheels checked for balance because they will strain the coil springs and suspension components otherwise. This can prematurely damage your car’s suspen

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